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Attention CMOs – 7 social media platforms that will Explode in the coming years!

Social media is a boisterous playing field. And this field has seen many changing players. Starting from successful Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest to the failed iTunes Ping, DEL.ICIO.US, EONS etc, this social media field has witnessed all the seasons. While facebook was the king for a long time, but no longer it has its monopoly, and we can see new emerging platforms that either fail in a blaze of glory, get gobbled up by one of the major players, or go on to see individual success on their own.

All these changes have always taught us something- the failing part shows us that what don’t interests the people, the consumables demonstrates that there is a need of new features and new technologies, and the shattered ones represents new opportunities all on their own.

There is a whole list of some of the rising platforms, whose magic we can see in the coming years. Given below is the list:

  1. Wanelo:

Wanelo can be called as a mall for you mobile. It is a social shopping app, but is different from other shopping apps. You can get some of the world’s most amazing products here. Wanelo is derived from “Wah-nee-loh”, which denotes Want, Need and Love. How many stores can a mall have? Around 150 and so but this particular app has around 550,000 stores, offering 30 million products. It is also a way to search and follow all of your favorite stores in one place. It’s used by millions of people who post tens of thousands of new products to Wanelo every day. Wanelo as a platform started in 2011, and today it has around millions of users all around the world and are using it daily to find and buy products. In a very short time we have seen its tremendous growth and with no doubt I can say that this platform will reach the heights in the next coming years.

2. Slide Share:

Slide share’s foundation dates back in the year 2006, with an aim of making knowledge sharing easy. This particular platform is all about creating slideshow presentations for professionals, students and others, who are looking for slideshare presentations. Instead of scrolling pages, slideshare gives you the opportunity of understanding easily and faster, with simple presentations within a few minutes. With over 18 million uploads in 40 content categories, it is today one of the top 100 most-visited websites in the world. Now, acquired by Linkedin which in turn is acquired by Microsoft.

3. Shots:

Shots is a first anti-bullying social networking app. It is an exclusive selfie photo sharing application. Its greatest advantage is that it is a very simple app; it just gives you the freedom of clicking selfies, utilizing only the front camera of your phone and then posting it. You can connect with different users, send pictures, or scroll down a feed of other’s photos, using this app. It does not have public comment feature, but it does allows its users to directly message others. This platform keeps on adding new features to its dictionary to attract new users. In February, this year Shots added Double Shot and 10 live filer features, which allow the users to edit a caption. Later in April, it again launched the three-second videos and finding nearby friends with a radar feature. Shots is also planning to release a selfie-taking app for the Apple Watch. From a mere one million users in 2014, shots today have around 5 million users with 50 % of who access it daily.

4. Ello:

Ello is an all-purpose social media network, almost like Facebook or Tumblr, which similarly allows you to forge new connections, share written updates, photos, videos, or any other content that you feel like sharing. The highlight of this platform is that it gives all the control of what they want to see in the hands of its users and claims of not selling its user’s information to any third party. This platform is ad free and does not support any manipulative algorithm that prioritizes paid content over posts by people whom you love and value.

5. Hyper:

Hyper somewhat resembles Instagram, allowing its users to post and share photos with one another. It has a feature of Upvote/downvote, which increases the visibility of more popular posts to the users. It also features geographic tags that allow users to discover new things happening in their vicinity. Currently, Hyper is only on iOS and doesn’t have much of a user base, but its unique position and functionality could cause it to grow exponentially in the coming years soon.

6. Bebo:

Bebo is a social networking website and it was launched in 2005, which is the time around when other social platforms like Facebook and MySpace were also booming. But this website did not last long and got collapsed. But the company came back and relaunched itself. The company announced the launch of their newest app, Blab, in early 2014 and in December 2014 a new version of Bebo launched as an avatar hashtag messaging app. A new site went live on January 7, 2015 announcing the new Bebo. The site is a launching board to the Google Play and Apple App stores for the new Bebo messaging app. The site also relaunched with a new slogan: “Probably Not for Boring People. Unlike other upcoming social media platforms, it does not solely rely on photos instead it has a new form of conversation. You can see it booming in the future and conquering the social media world.

7. This:

This stands for simplicity! This proves to be fulfilling the role of providing concise and valuable resources to its users. While you look at the Newsfeed on other platforms you will get to see all kind of insignificant updates, trivial conversations, and click bait-style articles, which makes it very complicated and annoying for the users. But This is different as compared to other social mediums. On This, users can only share one link per day, artificially reducing the number of links shared and theoretically improving the quality of each link. This has not yet become public, but it is likely that by the end of 2015,This will become from an invite-only beta test to a big social platform and spark a wave of user interest.


These platforms might see a huge spike in popularity, they might get acquired by Facebook or Twitter, or they might end up collapsing under their own weight. In any case, they are strong, new ideas with a burning momentum to do something. Keep watch for these social players over the rest of the year—they just might surprise you.

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How To Get First 1,000 Followers (Linkedin & Instagram) in an Honest and Credible way


How many followers do one have on a particular social networking site is of the hardest and prestigious things to happen. And it even gets harder if the social sites are LinkedIn and Instagram. While the later is a visual networking site, the other one is more of a group of professional networks. But before giving you the tips on how o get first 1,000 followers on these two particular platforms, let me first give you some general tips that can used anywhere, regardless of which platform you c

Choose, to increase your number of followers:

Some Common Strategies

There are some common strategies that can be used regardless of which social platform you chose. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn or Instagram, these strategies can be put to any of the platforms in general.

  • Fill out your profile completely
  • Share a link to your profile via your other networks and via email
  • Place follow links and widgets on your blog or website
  • Add your new social profile to your email signature

Getting First 1,000 Followers On Linkedin

Before knowing the strategies for getting 1,000 followers on LinkedIn, you have to decide on “What” and “Which” segment of seeking followers shall be there for your personal profile or for your company’s page? Because the ways are unique for each of them, to attain that first 1,000 follower’s mark. The strategies below touches on each:

Move 1: Filling Out Your Profile Completely

It is very important to fully complete your profile on Linkedin. The value that LinkedIn gives to your profile can be seen from the fact that it has a separate icon placed on its right side which shows the percentage of your profile completed. This Profile Strength icon shows that how thoroughly you have filled in all your details.

The more and more fields you add to your profile, the more likely it is that someone may find you. You can also take advantage of LinkedIn’s new cover photos and other rich media options for your profile. For instance, you could add a relevant industry image as your cover photo and place portfolio images and links into your profile.


The same strategy for business profiles as well. The options are limited for business profiles, but still you can take advantage of adding cover photo and profile pictures, URL, about information, and the specialties with which you’re involved.

Move 2: Sharing A Link To Your Profile Via Other Networks And Via Email

Next major step is to publish an update on your Twitter or Facebook account stating a link to your LinkedIn page. Also share your new page with your email list.

Move 3: Placing A Linkedin Button On Your Website

LinkedIn offers three options for creating a Follow button to place on your website.


Move 4: Inviting Your Co-Workers To Join Linkedin And Fill Out Their Profile

This step is an easy step for the company pages on LinkedIn. You have to invite your co-workers to join you on your LinkedIn profile. When employees add you as their current employer on LinkedIn, your logo appears on their profile and it links directly to your LinkedIn company page.

 Move 5: sending an original connection request, and accepting requests from everyone

Chris Lee shared an interesting strategy about how he handles the giving and receiving of LinkedIn requests.

Be indiscriminate about accepting connection requests. I accept all requests – they could potentially endorse you for multiple skills, share your profile to their network, and expand your reach. You should aim to have 500+ connections on your profile.

When sending out connection requests, try to modify the default message to something more personalized to increase the chances of your request being accepted. You can include your LinkedIn profile URL in your signature, “Connect with me.”

Getting first 1,000 followers on Instagram

Move 1: filling your Instagram profile completely

Checking out your profile is the first thing which an Instagram user might do, to add your name in his following list. To that end, be sure you have completed your profile with a profile picture, a description, and a link to your website.

Instagram’s header section is composed of seven of your most popular images. Be sure that before promoting your profile, you have these 7 photos ready with you. Also keep in mind that these photos should depict the best of you, you can opt for images from your lifestyle and personal life, which tend to do best.

Move 2: connecting your Instagram and facebook account

You can beat a drum and tell to your friends that you are now on Instagram, by connecting your Facebook account to your Instagram account. This will help your friends in finding you and they can now follow you.

Move 3: coming up with a commenting strategy

This is now become almost a universal truth that a comment figures to get noticed (and appreciated) much more than a like. So you have to make up some strategy on this, so that you could get more and more comments on your images.

  • Comment from a computer, using a tool like Icon square. This way you can leave comments quicker and easier than typing out on a mobile device.
  • Search for a relevant hashtag.
  • Comment on photos posted within the last day or two.
  • Comment on photos with fewer than five other comments (to make sure your comment is seen and appreciated).

Move 4: liking a lot of posts

Neil Patel tried out several Instagram strategies to gain more followers and his number one takeaway was this:

If you want to grow your account by a few hundred followers a day, the best way to accomplish it is to randomly like thousands of images a day.

Move 5: discovering the best hashtags

Find out the present trends in hashtags, especially those used by the influencers in your industry. For a more scientific view, check into the webstagram Top 100 and see the overall trends and top picks for hashtags on Instagram.

Move 6: placing a hashtagged feed of Instagram posts on your website or blog

By placing a hashtagged feed of Instagram posts on your website or blog, there is a high probability that the visitors to your site will notice your Instagram account and send follows.

There are some helpful sites—Webstagram and Instansive, for instance—that assist with getting the feed on your site. WordPress users have a lot of plugin options as well.

In addition, Instagram also offers five different types/sizes of badges that you can place on your website.

Move 7: tagging people

Tagging the accounts that are most relevant to you could lead to the accounts themselves follow you back or with these it may happen that these users pay the love forward by mentioning you on one of their photos.

 Move 8: Sharing a link to your Instagram profile on other social channels and email

Same as on other social networks, here also you have to share your other networks such as Facebook or Twitter’s link as well as your email’s link on your Instagram profile.

Move 9: using geo-tagging on your pictures and on your store

Instagram revealed a photo maps feature which lets users see the pictures that were taken from a certain location. If you enable geo-tagging on your pictures, you can be part of this map. Same goes for a brick-and-mortar store you own. Connect your Instagram via Foursquare to turn on this feature.

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Happy Learning and Growing. 🙂

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Personal Branding

One major thing that Trainers, Biz Coach and Consultants tend to miss big time while working on their portfolios

After spending lakhs/thousands on certifications and courses, One big reason, why Trainers/Biz Coach/Consultants/Self Employed Professionals fail to or fall short of bagging big ticket businesses??

Plain and simple – “Lack of/ Poor or No Branding atal”.

Time to stop listening to outdated advise of conventional branding styles like-“Authoring Books” or “piggy backing other branded professionals/Self proclaimed Management Gurus/Business Coach” by buying or subscribing to their Level-I , II …and on courses and certifications.

This way, in reality, they all are able to use You to sell more and more of their offerings and get more Branded. And You end up buying from them everytime with a big “Hope” to do great in your life and business in coming future.

So what you should be doing?

You are in 2016 and so should be your style of working on your Personal Branding by leveraging DigitalSocial Media for yourself focussing on Thought Leadership Branding

The sooner you wake up the BIGGER BRAND you shall be in your domain/ Niche Market.

That’s how Digital / Social Media has revolutionized the overall marketing scenario .

It was never before that cost effective, intellect driven and scope to build thought leadership in niche markets generally we operate in.And that’s what you are worthy of and deserve.

At the same time Digital/Social Media is “Not Technical” too and  doesn’t require the physical infrastructure. And these learnings cannot be sufficiently offered by way of any Online programs.

I m writing this based on our experience of Class Room trainings we do ( in Just 6 Days) “exclusively the Self Employed professionals ” like you-Trainers, Business Coach, Doctors, CA/CS/CMA, Architects, Consultants/Brokers, Advisors, Advocates, Freelancers, Academicians, Authors, Astrologers, Proprietors, Image Consultants, Hotel Management, Acting Professionals, Aviation and Real Estate Professionals.

I will be sharing some of the Action steps in this write up that will help you to start working on your personal branding on your own with fervent outcomes-

  • Effective Prospect management and engagement till finalizing business deal
  • Building strong niche brand with Thought leadership in your Domain
  • Commanding premium pricing for your services
  • Building Zero cold call prospect generation plan
  • Effective Key Account Management
  • Building group of referrals and business alliances
  • Fostering collaborative working than competitive working
  • Building personal brand and effective PR by yourself
  • Engaging new promotional tools and mediums for your business

Here is what one of our participants, Mona, is saying (Mona, the renowned Image Management and Brand Makeover Consultant from India is narrating her experience on attending our Social Media program for Self Employed professionals at iMET at our South Ex ( Uday Park) Campus, New Delhi, India. The program highlighted the Power of 5, Personal Branding, Internet Marketing Vs Social Media)

What you need to work on as a Full Fledged Plan

  • Social Media Design and implementation using C-Suite Framework and Power of 5.
  • Online Personal Branding and Thought Leadership using KASA.
  • Marketing Content Management
  • Social Mediums and their Optimization ( like Linkedin, Facebook , Twitter , Pinterest etc)
  • Blogging and Content packs creations for Social Media
  • Defining paid Promotional mix for Social Mediums.
  • Campaign Plan , Scheduling and trackers PROFIT Methodology
  • Milestone and Goal definition
  • RoI measurement/ Metrics

Out of all our IP Models and Frameworks like C-Suite, KASA, PROFIT and Power of 5,here are the steps (in brief )of Power of 5 you can use for yourself (I will be discussing  our other IP models in upcoming write ups).

Power 1- Web Essentials Management:

  • Put you your personal website ( preferably on open source like php or use templates like wordpress to make it quick and cost effective)
  • Work on Contact Forms, Landing Page and Sign Up at strategic places on your Website

Power 2- Visual Impact Management:

  • Work on new age graphics and creatives like – Infographics, Conversational, MindMaps to connect with your target segment. More of visuals and less of text.
  • You may use almost free tools like Canva to do your quotes, collage and Social Media covers on your own.

Power 3- Marketing Content Management:

  • Create Content packs from “What is available with you” by keeping objective/social mediums/campaign in mind based on frequency of updates/postings.
  • Understand the steps of Aggregate, Sggregate, Create and Curate while working on blogs, daily updates, newletter and hashtags

Power 4- Internet Marketing & Email Management:

  • Work on a brief plan of PPC, SEM and Affiliate marketing
  • Start building on right Key words for your business for a long term SEO

Though bear in mind , Internet marketing is no longer that cost effective with RoI. So you may prefer to skip it as well if budgetary constraints are there.

Regarding Email, it still works, just that don’t use only as a Sales medium.

Also Emailing is different from an Email Campaign. You need to work on Email Campaign strategy by keeping your target segment engaged with your thoughts and content packs like blogs. You shall share these with them in your email campaign making way for Thought Leadership branding for you.

  • Effective Subject Line
  • Keywords in the text
  • Story telling style

works very well. Just that Don’t try to sell thru emailing.

Power 5- Digital Media Design and Implementation:

Now you are all set to run your proper campaigns online on social mediums as a Professional.

  • Select a few but effective mediums to start with where you can bring consistency at least for 90 days. In short we call it Social Media Optimization . To do SMO, look at your nature of business as B2C or B2B .
  • Initiate Blog as a Strategy like start engaging your clients & alliances for Blog based interviews. This way your frequency to reaching out to them will increase not only at the time when you ask for business.

All the above points are exhaustive, however I have tried to introduce them to you in a simplified way.

You may feel free to write to me – Would love to share more details.

I wish you all a Happy 2016 with more learning and growing.


ReferencesiMET Research division (

More details about our previous programs including as done for CII, IAN, NIESBUD, E-Factor etc –


Tools that help you become a Better Content Writer or Blogger esp for Social/Digital Media

Thousands of rules exist in English language which are certainly not easy to remember. In spoken English most of the rules are not always used. But, when it comes to writing, rules are to be followed in a proper way.

It becomes all the more important when you are working hard to take the leverage of mediums like Facebook , Linkedin, Quora or Any Blogging forum.

Nothing can ever replace practice but, there are a few tools which will certainly help you create great content.

  • Grammarly is a tool that is very effective and helps in catching small grammatical errors so that your content is error-free. This tools also helps to analyze the writing pattern which forms the writing style of any writer. Downloading the paid version gives even more in depth analysis about the writing style.
  •  Scrivener is the second tool that can make you a better writer. It is not suitable for those who write one or two pieces of content in a month. It allows one to research and collect all your notes and all your writings in one place so it is much more organized. It helps the most to make an outline of your work. Though it is for those who are into regular writings but still can be used by others too.
  •  Hemingway is one another effective tool that helps to analyze your writing style and shortens the sentences made by you which makes it easier to read. Content put on web should be easy to read otherwise its readability decreases.

Grammarly and Hemingway used together can help a writer a lot to become better each day. 

  • WordRake is a PC tool that connects outlook with your word which helps improve clarity in writings. This tool shows various number of ways to improve your content. But unfortunately, this tool is not available for MAC users. Focus is another tool that is widely used. It allows you to temporarily block time-wasting websites while you work. These secret weapons can be used with ease to become a better writer by managing your content in an efficient way to make the most out of it.

Happy Reading and Growing


( )

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